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Get to know the people behind the microphone

Listen to the latest Bible Teaching with Pastor Nat Crawford, Cara Whitney, and Arnie Cole


Cara Whitney

Cara Whitney is as likeable on the air as she is in person. And whether she’s addressing a classroom filled with kids or a convention hall packed with women, Cara speaks with humor, authenticity, and a no-nonsense directness, making her an instant hit with people of all ages. She is a wife, a mother, and an author. Her debut book, Unbridled Faith, generated major media interest, including a national TV segment with Ainsley Earhardt on “Fox & Friends” (Fox News Network). Her message is clear and simple: “God is real, and He can be trusted.”


After spending a decade as a radio personality in markets that included Las Vegas, she found herself in search of that simpler life everyone talks about. She soon discovered that there is no such thing, but instead discovered that our best-lived life is one that includes a relationship with Jesus Christ. Now in her early forties, Cara says her family and her faith in Jesus Christ are her most important relationships. She and her husband Daniel (known by millions as Larry the Cable Guy) own a 180-acre farm in Nebraska where they take care of 12 horses. The couple have been married for 14 years and have two young children: Reagan and Wyatt.


Cara enjoys strong coffee, fast Internet, and cautious driving. Between trips to the grocery store and juggling dirty laundry, she has been called to evangelism. “I get up every day and live my life appreciating God’s gift of eternal life,” she says, “the gift He had been trying to give me since birth, the gift I kept avoiding. I know I am forgiven, and God is enough. I want to share this gift with everyone—everywhere.”


Dr. Arnie Cole

Dr. Cole has been active in research and trending for most of his adult professional life. He received his MA in Psychology from Pepperdine in 1974 and went on to be the CEO and Director of Research for two Vocational training organizations in California. With his passion for research and helping others Dr. Cole went on to receive his Doctor of Education in Institution Management from Pepperdine in 1995. He went on to be the CEO of MegaVoice LLC and Vice president of Development for Mission Aviation Fellowship and he currently serves as CEO for Back to the Bible and Director of Research for the Center for Bible Engagement.

In December of 2003 Dr. Cole joined the Staff at Back to the Bible as the CEO and Director of Research for Bible Engagement. He is responsible for the operation of both Domestic and International Bible teaching media ministries. Additionally, he leads the Center for Bible Engagement in the discovery of why so many people own Bibles and never read them. He is responsible for the design of Biblical Engagement solutions based on the analysis of over 40,000 surveys.

Dr. Cole is passionate about the work God has called him to and he is dedicated to helping both individuals and organizations become more effective in leading people into a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.  Dr. Cole and his wife Char are the parents of 4 adult children, 4 grandchildren and reside outside of Lincoln, Nebraska at Still Waters ranch, an equestrian center they use as a ministry to the community as well as for their own enjoyment.


Nat Crawford

Nat Crawford is a speaker, leader, coach and is passionate about helping individuals live for the things that matter while encouraging organizations and teams to do what they do better than anyone else.  He earned his bachelor’s in Business Leadership & Biblical Studies from Grace University.  He received his MA in Christian Apologetics from Biola University as well as an MA in Biblical Exposition from Moody Bible Institute.  He is also a certified speaker through DCI International and a certified executive leadership coach through CFIL. 

He has 15 years of professional experience in entrepreneurship, employee motivation, and leadership, speaking, and coaching.  As a preacher and apologist, he enjoys helping churches and individuals know what they believe and why they believe it.  In conjunction with blogging on theology, apologetics, and leadership, he currently is writing an apologetic book aimed to move skeptics to believers.  Nat currently serves as the Vice President of Biblical Content at Back to the Bible. 

Nat enjoys traveling with his family, smoking meat, playing video games and trying bizarre foods. Nat is married to Tiffany, a fitness instructor and cake decorator. They have 3 boys: Simon, Landon, and Gracen.  Nat was raised on Back to the Bible and is thrilled to be in leadership at Back to the Bible.  Its teaching has impacted his life greatly.  He is excited to continue in its great legacy of teaching God’s Word and bringing people back to the Bible.

Bryan Clark.jpg

Pastor Bryan Clark

Bryan Clark cares about people, especially their spiritual lives. He has served as a pastor for 36 years, 26 of them leading one of Nebraska’s largest churches, Lincoln Berean. Bryan is a father, a husband, and a hobbyist. His office shelves are lined with cowboy sculptures and antique machines that he took apart and rebuilt. He describes himself as an introvert and a “cowboy wannabe” who trains horses, dabbles in welding and blacksmithing, plays the cello, and enjoys fishing in the small pond behind his house.


“My passion,” he says, “is helping people understand the great truths of God’s Word in a way that genuinely affects their daily lives.” And Bryan knows his stuff. He holds a doctorate in ministry and a Master of Divinity equivalency from Denver Seminary, as well as a Master of Education from Talbot School of Theology. He spent his undergraduate years at Moody Bible Institute and the University of Nebraska.


Bryan is thankful for his legacy of faith and his love of music, which he attributes to his dad. He is the son of Eugene Clark, a former music director at Back to the Bible. Bryan is also the author of five books for Christian audiences; All It’s Meant to Be—a resource for anyone wanting to learn more about God’s design for sex, An Unshakable Foundation - a study of Genesis, Life after Death, an insightful booklet that answers pressing questions about the afterlife, Discovering a Living Faith - a study on James, and his soon to be released second study in Genesis titled Ignite Your Faith.  Bryan and his wife Patti have been married for 38 years, and they have three grown daughters. The Clark’s live in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

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