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Dr. Arnie Cole 


  • Managing the Dark Side of Me: Strategies for Defeating Temptation 

  • Worry-Free Living: Beating the Fear-Worry-Stress Cycle

  • The Power of Bible Engagement: Latest Research Findings

  • Advice from a CEO: Leadership that Gets Results

Dr. Pamela Caudill Ovwigho


  • Between Sundays: How to Transform Your Church with the Power of 4

  • Worry-Free Living: Beating the Fear-Worry-Stress Cycle

  • Helping Youth Make Faith Their Own

  • Better Relationships, Better Lives

  • Spiritual Lives of Children: Big Ideas for Ministering to Children

Previous Events

Future.Bible 3:16 Online Summit

Unique Approaches to Bible Engagement & Technology

March 16, 2020

Dr. Arnie Cole

How can you meet unique, always changing, individual spiritual needs? Meet Learner Centered Bible Engagement Technology.

Unconventional Business Summit 2019

A National Faith + Work Conference for Small Business


October 24-25, 2019 ~ Kansas City

Dr. Arnie Cole

Come hear Arnie's unconventional story about the shipwreck experience that changed his life and how he began integrating missional opportunities within his vocational calling

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