• Pamela Caudill Ovwigho

Christians Struggle Spiritually As the COVID-19 Pandemic Escalates

As the COVID-19 pandemic escalates, fear and worry are straining communities worldwide—and Christians aren’t immune. Current data from the Center for Bible Engagement (CBE) reveals that Christ-followers are losing a sense of peace and joy and are beginning to feel spiritually stuck. Many are struggling with issues like anger, fear and worry, and being critical. It’s a problem CBE’s research director, Dr. Arnie Cole, says pastors and ministry leaders need to address right now.

“Every day, my team and I track the spiritual and emotional trends of those who use our personalized Bible app, and here’s what we’re learning: People are starting to struggle spiritually in a huge way, which—in most cases—is pretty harmful,” says Dr. Cole. “As the COVID-19 pandemic escalates, a growing number of believers are beginning to freak out spiritually like I have never seen before. Feeling spiritually stuck has increased by 30% since January. Fear and destructive thoughts are also up as well.”

Specifically, the CBE has been tracking how often app users activate their “Spiritual GPS” feature. As life throws us curves, it can cause our emotional and spiritual needs to take a 180 turn. Some days we need to hear from God in a specific way b

ecause of our circumstances. That’s how goTandem’s Spiritual GPS works. At any moment, users can tap a button called “Adjust My Personal Scriptures.” This enables them to change their message stream to focus on a specific topic and to get the spiritual lift they need.

“As users struggle with issues like fear and worry, they can adjust their Spiritual GPS so they can hear from God in a way that will calm their worries,” Dr. Cole explains. Understanding where people are spiritually can help ministries respond in ways that are most helpful.


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