• Pamela Caudill Ovwigho

Helping Pastors Minister During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Apr 3

As we settle into a new normal of isolation and social distancing, how can pastors stay on top of their church’s spiritual health? How can they assess a congregation’s most pressing physical and emotional needs?

The Center for Bible Engagement has the answer.

To support ministers and churches navigating this crisis, the CBE is offering churches a free well-being survey for their own congregations. CBE’s research director, Dr. Arnie Cole, notes that effective ministry starts by discovering where people are spiritually.

“With churches experiencing physical disconnection, pastors desperately need solid data on how their congregants are doing,” says Cole. “Because many churches are being hurt by the financial downturn this pandemic is causing, our survey is 100% free for them to use.”

Take a look: Well-being survey

The Well-Being Survey can be easily embedded into a ministry’s existing website or shared via email or social media. It provides church leaders key information about:

· How their members are holding up spiritually during this time

· Their most urgent struggles or challenges

· How connected they feel to the church

· How the church can help them during the pandemic

· Receive a detailed, actionable report of the results

The survey is easy to use and very effective. Here’s what Pastor Dale from Vienna, Va., shared with us: “The Scriptures tell me as a pastor to know my flock, yet I realized that after 25 years of ministry, I knew very little about the individuals I ministered to.” But once this former Executive Pastor from McLean Bible Church started asking questions and gaining information from his congregants, he says, “I was able to shepherd them the way that God intended me to.

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