• Pamela Caudill Ovwigho

Innovative Approaches to Bible Engagement

At this time when communities are employing “social distancing”, our reliance on technology for education, work and social connection increases even more. Many organizations are already using technology in innovative ways to help people engage with the Bible, participate in a church community, and grow their faith.

The exciting news is that YOU can learn more about these innovations for FREE and without traveling. On March 16, 2020, our friends at the American Bible Society are hosting the Future.Bible 3:16 Online Summit. This exclusively online event features 26 speakers sharing their knowledge, strategies, and experience in developing innovative approaches to Bible engagement.

The Center for Bible Engagement’s Dr. Arnie Cole will speak about Learner Centered Bible Engagement Technology. He will share how Machine Learning and our individualized spiritual needs-based algorithms provide a scientifically proven framework and digital platform for daily bible engagement content delivery. This platform empowers you & your church to make the daily spiritual journey of everyone you serve your number one priority. Through technology, you have the ability to walk spiritually beside each and every individual you serve on a daily basis and help them move closer to Jesus today than they were yesterday in such a way that leads to life transformation as a biblically engaged disciple maker.

The Summit also features talks on virtual church, augmented reality, visual Bibles, and much more that you won’t want to miss. Go to the Future.Bible page to sign up today!

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