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Exploring Our Relationship With God's Word
About CBE

The Center for Bible Engagement (CBE) began in 2003 and has grown to become a major world center addressing Bible engagement and spiritual growth. 


Since its inception, CBE has surveyed more than 750,000 people worldwide about their spiritual lives.


CBE has partnered with churches and parachurch organizations such as the American Bible Society, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, National Religious Broadcasters, Nazarene Denomination, the Jamaica Broilers Foundation, McLean Bible Church, Hope Media, Light FM-Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, African Strategic Discipleship Movement in order to build an empirical understanding of life transformation through a relationship with Christ and engaging scripture.


In 2023, the global, nondenominational nonprofit Our Daily Bread Ministries (ODBM) acquired CBE from Back to the Bible. The partnership allows ODBM to create research-informed print and digital content that foster a lifelong love of the Bible.

Our Work

Our research drives innovation in how we connect with God's people through ODBM materials like podcasts, docuseries, devotionals, and more.

Proven Results

We have seen measurable life transformation through engaging God's Word in people who were previously unengaged. This leads to a growing spiritual maturity evidenced by behavioral changes and a desire to introduce others to Jesus Christ.

Our Method

We research how people best connect with Scripture and what difference it makes in their day-to-day lives.

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